About Us


We offer a service that is full of profundity and analytical precision to enable us meet our stakeholder’s expectations and goals while at the same time ensuring our staff  grow in skill and grace.

Our Vision

To be the firm of choice providing excellent financial business solutions in Africa  and beyond

Who We Are

Thomas Chanan & Associates has been in operation since the year 2000, reviewed and approved by the professional body Institute of Certified Public Accountant of Kenya (ICPAK.)

Thomas Chanan & Associates prides itself in being a firm with diverse professionals, who are committed to deliver quality service by exercising high levels of integrity. Our exceptional understanding of the diverse forces and constraints of the local and regional markets enables us to provide pertinent, innovative as well as holistic business solutions. Further, our capabilities are strengthened by strategic alliances with associates in different sectors. The firm has one partners, two audit managers, two audit seniors, four lead auditors and eight audit assistants. We also have associate auditors who are partners in their own capacities.

Thomas Chanan & Associates is a Certified Public Accountancy firm that runs along strict professional lines. We are registered with the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. We submit this proposal to express our interest, readiness and capacity to carry out the above mentioned assignments. Our primary objective is to give high quality professional services that conform to International Accounting Standards, relevant tax laws and sound professional requirements as stipulated in the accountancy professional regulations.

  • Excellence

With efficiency and diligence, carry out tasks to attain utmost excellence in our service delivery.

  • Respect and Courtesy

Build a culture of respect in the interactions of staff within the firm and with clients

  • Integrity

Handle information entrusted to us by the firm and by clients according to the degree of confidentiality required

Demonstrate high standards of honesty, reliability and punctuality.

Apply fairness and value-for- money in all terns and in executing contracts within and without the firm.

  • Responsibility

Being accountable for every action we take efficiently utilizing resources in meeting client’s needs.

  • Teamwork

Working together as a team with unity of purpose so as to achieve our mission sharing responsibilities and roles according to our capabilities ensuring effective communication within the firm and with clients.

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