Business Advisory

TCA business advisory services are geared towards helping businesses take advantage of opportunities while avoiding costly mistakes. We provide advice and information for people who want to establish, sustain and/or grow their business. We aim to enable our clients to manage risk, improve performance and sustain the results.

The services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business valuation
  •  Preparation of business plans
  •  Feasibility study
  •  Budgeting and financial planning
  •  Financial analysis and consultancy
  •  Regulatory Compliance

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Tax Services

Thomas Chanan and Associates tax department will help you understand all your individual or corporate tax obligations.
A lot of management time is taken up in tax administration and keeping up with changes in tax rules and regulations. As a tax consultancy firm in Kenya, we help you manage your taxes by advising on tax efficient ways to conduct your business, ensuring compliance and keeping you updated on new tax developments.

We provide full Tax advisory services on:

Our Tax Services include:

  • Corporate and business tax.
  •  Value Added Tax
  •  Stamp duty
  •  Investment Deductions
  •  Individual Tax.
  •  Export Processing Zone

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Accounting Services

We provide a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Kenya.
Our belief is that business owners should concentrate on what they do best i.e create and deliver their products or provide services for their customers, and entrust their non-core functions, such as accounting, to professionals.

At TCA consulting, we tailor our services to meet your needs. Maybe you need an accounting professional to take a look at your books once a month or maybe you would prefer that we take over all your accounting needs. We can perform our services either at your company (onsite) or at our premises, whichever suits you better.

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Internal Audit

Risk based internal audit gives assurance to the Board and Management that the key risks facing the business are identified and well managed. This can be achieved by setting up your own internal audit services function or by outsourcing to external Internal Auditors in Kenya consultants.

Our Internal Auditors in Kenya team has ready expertise and capacity; and can work with you to:

  • Set-up an internal audit function where none exists
  • Build the capacity of an existing internal audit function through training, coaching, joint audits and quality reviews.
  • Provide internal audit services on a fully outsourced basis.

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Auditing and Assurance

The primary purpose of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on the truth and fairness of financial statements to the shareholders of the company. There is, however, value beyond the legal and regulatory requirements. Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services enhances the credibility of the company’s financial statements which may be relied upon by current and potential financials, investors, creditors, donors and other stakeholders.

As a reputable auditing firm in Kenya, we conduct our audits in a professional, efficient manner and in compliance with International Standards on Auditing and applicable financial reporting framework.

  • Statutory audit
  • Due diligence audit
  • Project audit
  • Forensic audit
  • Special purpose audit
  • Pension Audit

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